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A local software maker with a creative services arm is expanding in more ways than one.

Grand Rapids-based Appropos said yesterday that it plans to more than double its current office space and hire three more project managers.

The need for expansion stems from growing demand for product documentation services by its creative team, Volta.

Appropos said that Volta has captured a quarter million product images in three years for 15 global brands in the footwear and apparel industries, which integrate into Appropos’ wholesale B2B platform, Envoy.

“The expanded space and team will give us more room and capacity to keep up with the demand and provide quality, reliable service to our clients,” said Jon Faber, CEO, Appropos.

Expanded space

Currently, Appropos operates out of 678 Front Ave. NW, while Volta operates out of a separate building.

The expansion will increase Appropos’ current space from 3,500 square feet to 8,400 square feet and bring all the company’s services under one roof.

The expansion is expected to be completed this fall.

Growing team

To accommodate the growing demand for Volta, Appropos will also hire the group of project managers.

They will join a team of photographers, designers and content specialists working to create images specifically designed for brands’ wholesale catalogs. “Accurate, high-volume product documentation is a necessity in the footwear and apparel industries,” Faber said.