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We developed Envoy with the needs of our leading footwear and apparel clients in mind. As more companies adopt Envoy, we’ve compiled a list of highlights that our customers tell us set us apart.

Here what they tell us:

  1. Envoy is designed with their company in mind. It’s configurable to match their needs and our team is always delivering continued features and improvements.
  2. Created following modern design principles to ensure they have a great user experience whether they are in the office, on a desktop, or out in the field using a tablet. We have thousands of users that would agree.
  3. Envoy can be quickly scaled to meet their growing company needs. It’s easy for them to budget the next quarter or year and see where their dollars are going, minimizing any surprises.
  4. A single, integrated system built to meet the needs of their employees in all departments, from sales to marketing to IT. No more flipping between different software to get simple tasks done.
  5. Envoy integrates seamlessly with Appropos’ Volta, creating a full-service solution to bring their seasonal product content to market.
  6. Built for the global business, Envoy is ready to go international. Catalog segmentation, business rules, language support and more help facilitate your unique B2B needs across all regions, while still maintaining universal visibility and control all under one system.

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