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    Telling your brand’s story isn’t just important – it’s critical. It helps clarify your values, paints a picture of who you are, inspires ideas, and persuades action. It allows your customers to connect with you and identify themselves as a part of your community, wearing your product and evangelizing your brand.

    Jambu & Co. understands this concept fully, which is why they decided to take their brand story to the next level with the help of Envoy B2B.

    Jambu and Co.’s Story

    Launched in 2010, Jambu & Co. is a subsidiary owned by Vida Shoes International and was one of the first brands within the Vida group that was not a license. Comprising three brands including Jambu, JBU, and their Jsport brand, Jambu & Co. footwear products are sold in over 500 independent retailers as well as key accounts including Scheels, Von Maur, Zappos, Duluth Trading, Dillards, and others. 

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their story.

    At the outset, Jambu & Co. realized that there was a whitespace within the outdoor footwear industry, particularly when it came to women’s shoes. Ultimately, they noticed that the current outdoor footwear options available to females were either too masculine-looking or were too feminine to withstand outdoor activity. There was no in-between. 

    So Jambu & Co. set out to manufacture footwear that bridged the gap between fashion, comfort, and the great outdoors.

    “We pride ourselves on our shoes being able to go from the trails to Trader Joe’s,” explained Yetzalee Mazza, Marketing Director for Jambu & Co. “Whether you’re in your backyard or hiking outdoors, we want people to know that they’ll be provided with shoes that have great traction, memory foam, and water-resistant capabilities while still being stylish at the same time. That’s the story we want to make sure our customers know.”

    New call-to-action

    With wholesale being the largest portion of their business, they wanted a better way to showcase this story to their retailers. Because a brand’s story does more than just allow retailers to judge if a brand is a right fit for their store, it also enables them to build loyalty and better sell the brand.

    With that, Jambu & Co. was excited to dive into the capabilities of Envoy B2B.

    Taking Their Story to the Next Level

    “When it came to telling our brand story, using Envoy B2B’s showrooms was a huge win for us,” said Mazza. 

    With the use of Envoy B2B Showrooms, Jambu & Co. are now able to: 

    • Differentiate their three brands under the Jambu & Co. umbrella by setting up visuals on their Showroom to showcase the unique aspects of each brand.
    • Highlight the vegan and eco-friendly features of their business.
    • Plan ahead with unlimited, customizable Showroom pages to create marketing content for upcoming seasonal changes.

    Having the ability to tell their story through Showrooms also allows the company to use features such as digital lookbooks, interactive product imagery with shoppable hotspots, scheduling and publishing different featured content as their season progresses, accessing analytics that allows them to receive insights into buyer activity, and more. 


    Before switching to Envoy B2B, Jambu & Co.was hindered by a B2B platform that just wasn’t up to par. Unreliable inventory counts, difficult user platform navigation, and lack of integrations with their company’s operating system all potentially affected Jambu’s ability to fully support their retailers as they wanted. Now, by adopting Envoy B2B, Jambu is able to us powerful tools to deliver effective content & commerce experiences, allowing them to stay connected to their retailer and grow their wholesale business.

    “Envoy B2B was extremely fast with responding to any problem that we came across, and if they didn’t have a solution, they made sure to look for a solution immediately or let us know that they were writing it in their notes to for something that Envoy B2B could look into incorporating in the future. They were very accommodating,” concluded Helen Wroblewska, Lead Production Graphic Designer at Jambu & Co.

    A Successful Story Makes All the Difference

    With their current success in launching with Envoy B2B, Jambu & Co. is looking forward to telling all aspects of their brand’s story to their retailers. From their history in the women’s footwear industry, to their environmentally conscious products, to distinguishing all three of their brands, to assisting retailers with user-friendly ordering tools, Jambu & Co. is able to better set their retailers up for success season after season.

    To learn more about Showrooms and the importance of telling your brands’ story, check out these resources: 

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