Rumpl Connects the World with a Better Blanket by Supporting its Retailers in Envoy B2B

    How many blankets do you have in your house? Can you name the brands of those blankets? There’s a good chance that the second question has you stumped. For hundreds of years, blankets have been used as a source of security, comfort, and warmth. Yet the emotional connection between the brand and the user has not made the same link. 

    Rumpl has set out to change the industry’s mindset by introducing the world to better blankets. After launching on Kickstarter over 6 years ago, Rumpl has grown from a single homemade ‘sleeping bag blanket’ to a whole line of blankets and technical comfort products that redefine the category. By utilizing performance materials typically found in premium outdoor gear and activewear, Rumpl creates a blanket for everyone and everywhere. From the outdoor adventurer to the home-body, Rumpl has grown from a young business to a digital retailer and a nationwide wholesaler. 

    However, as they continued to grow, the time and effort put into conducting business manually stood in the way of cultivating the relationship Rumpl desired with their retailers. Rumpl needed a B2B platform that understood their brand and the unique challenges they faced. The solution? Adopting Envoy B2B. 

    Before adopting Envoy B2B, Rumpl did everything manually. Being a small team of only 13 people, time that could have been spent on furthering growth was instead spent on manually entering orders, performing data entry, and emailing spreadsheets back and forth. 

    Now, as they adopt Envoy B2B, Rumpl will be able to streamline their order entry, easily create line showings, and have one central content sharing location on the platform. Instead of continuing with their manual processes, Rumpl’s employees will be able to get back to what they do best; Connecting with their buyers and introducing the world to better blankets. 

    “In general, the onboarding experience with Envoy B2B has been great,” explained Michael Archer, Global Logistics and Partner Service Manager at Rumpl. “We see a lot of brand alignment; our teams are both small, innovative, and focused on premium service. We can't wait to provide our sales partners and retailers with these valuable tools, especially as the time for face to face interaction continues to be uncertain.”

    “Envoy B2B will immensely help our company operationally,” added Patrick O’Neil, Vice President of Operations at Rumpl. “We wanted to automate order entry and easily create line showings without the manual labor behind it, but we didn’t have the right system to accomplish that until Envoy B2B. We’re looking forward to the time that we are going to gain back by using Envoy B2B. This will help us scale our business and provide a better retail experience for our partners.”

    Along with making their processes more efficient, Rumpl is also looking forward to utilizing Envoy B2B’s digital showrooms, whiteboard features, and visualization tools to create a cohesive brand experience throughout their entire company. 

    “Our team is excited to be working with Rumpl and assisting them in growing their business to their full potential,” stated Jon Faber, CEO and Founder of Envoy B2B. “As Rumpl adopts Envoy B2B, we’ll be looking forward to watching them take leaps into connecting the world to a better blanket by way of supporting their specialty retailers in Envoy B2B.”

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