Page Template Builder Brings New Digital Catalog Features To Envoy B2B

    Our latest quarterly release is all about putting the pieces in place for the future. We are are excited to deliver an initial version of a new tool, the Page Template Builder, that sets the platform up to deliver a slew of new features down the line that will truly set Envoy B2B apart. 

    Page Template Builder and Assortment PDF Export

    The Page Template Builder provides the ability to create a templated framework, allowing product information and product images to flow into your own brand-designed templates, alongside other design elements you choose. This will allow brands to create and deliver incredible looking, custom digital experiences to retailers with minimal effort.

    The initial version of the Page Template Builder focuses on the ability to build templates and export assortment PDFs utilizing those templates. The next three Envoy B2B releases will bring the ability to use the page templates with catalog/tech sheet/lists PDF exports, digital presentations, and visualizations.

    This is an incredible new feature for Envoy B2B, and we can’t wait for our users to get their hands on it!

    Updates to Visualizations and Assortment Experience Custom Slide

    We love the power this template builder tool gives our users, so we've added some of this new functionality to the visualization tool. The visualization edit page is now cleaner, has more room for you to work with, and has some new options brought over from the page template builder.

    You can now resize product images however you want, align and distribute objects, add shapes, and choose from an increased amount of fonts and styling options. Make a mistake? The new undo/redo options make it simple to fix.

    Making Your Wholesale Channel Better

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    We are always working hard to make Envoy B2B the best wholesale B2B e-commerce platform. The Page Template Builder gives brands a new set of powerful tools and opens the door for even greater options in future releases. Our passion is making retailers fall in love with your brand, so we strive to deliver revolutionary, impactful features with every quarterly release.

    Want to learn more about how Envoy B2B is working to connect brands with more retailers and enable them to build incredible seasons together? Get in touch.

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