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GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Appropos, a 3-year-old tech company based in downtown Grand Rapids, has opened an office in Munich, Germany to support customers of its successful Envoy platform.

The Envoy platform was designed as an iPad app and a responsive web application. It allows sale representatives and retailers to place orders, check inventory in real time, create line sheets and display product in 360-degrees.

Appropos employee Steve Dabbs moved the company's European support operations to Munich in late summer to better serve clients in multiple countries, the company said in a news release on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

"We're truly excited to expand and deepen our support to Europe and grateful to our business partners, who include some of the world's leading footwear and apparel makers, for recognizing how Appropos can truly help them grow rapidly, strategically and proactively," said Appropos President and Co-Founder Jon Faber.

"Our Envoy platform vastly increases the speed of sale, giving businesses a definitive edge in today's global marketplace. Our technology, we believe, can show companies that when they grow their business-to-business segment, they'll also grow their business-to-consumer market – and that's the key for businesses looking to expand, compete and succeed."

The Envoy platform is growing in Europe and elsewhere because it uses a "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS) model, unlike the traditional back-office utility model, according to the news release.

"Hosting, upgrades, integration, implementation, training and rollout are all part of a single package. The result is faster, more strategic sales between manufacturer and retailer."

"Envoy is a strategy for manufacturers to become more efficient, more productive and more successful," Faber said. "Unlike add-on business-to-business programs that are like individual utility tools in a tool box, Envoy is an entire Swiss Army knife that has tools for everyone on your team."