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    Retailers are busy. They’re running their shops, building communities, educating themselves on products, and tracking trends. That’s a lot to manage in a short amount of time. All this means it’s extra important for brands to support their retailers and make buying easy.

    Spreadsheets, phone calls, emails, or outdated B2B systems aren’t good solutions. Here are a few ways Envoy B2B makes buying a painless process and helps your brand better support your buyers.

    Knowledge Is Power

    Seasons can pass by quickly. In the rush to keep stock on the shelves and service customers, retailers don’t always have the opportunity to focus on anything other than clockwork replenishment.

    So, how can your brand support retailers with orders during the season in a way that eases the pressure and makes buying easy? The answer is simple – good data.

    If you’re providing retailers with the right knowledge, they can quickly make smart decisions about what products to order. Envoy B2B’s integration with Locally makes this easy.

    Locally delivers on-demand reports of what’s selling in real-time, in each individual store. Brands can identify emerging trends in each region, at the store level. Reps can then use that information to make it easy for retailers to place orders by sharing assortments and orders featuring hot products that are immediately in demand.

    Provide A Window Into Inventory

    Here’s a surprisingly simple way to make ordering for your retailers easier. Give them real-time access to inventory data. Simple right? And yet, our research has shown that many brands don’t have the proper tools in place to let retailers see inventory levels as they build orders.

    Often, retailers have to send an email, pick up the phone, or contact a rep to get inventory data. That makes buying too hard. Envoy B2B eliminates this problem because it gives retailers the ability to see inventory in real-time as they put together their buy.

    The ability to see accurate inventory is a powerful tool to ensure that buying is made easy, and buyers have what they need to sell the season. You want your retailers out in the store selling your product, not stuck in the back trying to figure out if they can order a product or not.

    Let Our Powers Combine

    Here’s the beauty of having both an integration to Locally and real-time inventory in the same platform. Reps can use the hyper-localized insights to capitalize on trends and educate retailers on hot products. Retailers can build orders based on those suggestions with confidence because they have access to real-time inventory. Consumers are delighted that they can get in-demand products and better experiences at their local specialty retailer.

    Stores can become a hot spot for trending products, drawing in even more consumers. That’s what happens when you make buying easy – you create opportunities for your retailers to create exponentially stronger seasons and everybody wins.

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