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Storytelling is one of the key ways brands communicate about their products. Delivering that story in the right experience is a key component of connecting with retailers to build excitement. That means, the format is important if you want to get the retailer’s attention. Lookbooks and flipbooks are two of the most common methods, but there are some key differences between the two.

What Is A Lookbook?

A lookbook is where you present your line. You might be showcasing your entire line for the season, focusing in on a particular product, or highlighting a subset of your line based on new technology you’re bringing to the product. Whatever the content is, lookbooks are marketing materials for the purpose of showing off products and educating retailers on what makes them so special. 

In the past, before the rise of excellent digital tools and experiences, lookbooks would be printed. Now, they are largely digital or online experiences – which leads us to the flipbook.

What Is A Flipbook?

A flipbook is different. It’s a format, or way of presenting your information, as opposed to a purpose driven experience. A flipbook is an interactive, digital experience that operates like an actual, page turning publication. Pages can be flipped and turned, and there might even be sound effects, page shadows, and other bells and whistles that make it feel like a “real” book.

Delivering The Best Experience?

The good news is, you don’t have to pick between lookbooks or flipbooks because they serve different purposes.

Your lookbooks will be in use all season long, but are especially critical during sell-in. Reps and retailers will rely heavily on them as they work together to create a buy. They serve the specific purpose of informing and exciting retailers at key points during the season.

Since flipbooks are just a format, you will be using them when you want your retailers to have an experience that emulates a physical publication, but isn’t burdened by the cost of printing or shipping.

Both lookbooks and flipbooks are effective marketing tools when used correctly.