Lists, Integrations, And More New Tools to Power Your Wholesale Channel

    The January 2021 update to Envoy B2B comes with some powerful new features we are excited to have in the the platform.  With our focus on building simple but powerful tools for our users, we've added things like AR augmentation for incredible new experiences and Lists so that reps and buyers can better track and categorize products they are interested in.  Read on for a quick breakdown of the major features found in this release.

    Introducing SeekXR To EnvoyB2B

    The SeekXR integration brings augmented reality (AR) directly into Envoy B2B. Now you can deliver an AR enhanced product experience to your customers. It's a powerful experience with an intuitive AR solution that allows users to interact with an optimized 3D model of your product. The rep or retailer can simply scan a QR code with their phone or tablet to bring that product to life on the shelf. 

    Product Lists

    Users can harness the power of Lists to create collections of products and save them for future use. Buyers can build lists that include product favorites, frequently purchased products, or any other category they want to track. Reps can use Lists to track product an account might be interested in but not yet ready to buy,  or a list of products that are frequently purchased together, or hot sellers. Reps and buyers can easily turn Lists into orders, assortments, visually merchandise them, or export them as UPCs or product images. Lists provide a simple but powerful way for your customers to track and recall their chosen products without the hassle of having to sift through the entire catalog every time.

    Hide Products with No Inventory

    Sometimes you want the option to hide products that are not available from appearing in your catalog. Customers browsing a catalog might find a product they are excited about, only to find disappointment when they realize that it's out-of-stock. When those products are hidden, the customer only sees what they can buy. And since this option is at the catalog level, you can keep any future season products not currently available from displaying in your catalogs.

    Auto-Update Catalog Ship Start and End Dates

    We've added a rolling date range to your catalog ship date settings, so you can set-it-and-forget-it. Choosing the rolling option when configuring your ship date allows you to keep that ship-end date in check – at exactly your ideal date range.

    Ability to Paste from Word and Excel into Text Box on Visualizations

    We’ve expanded the functionality of our visualization text option with the ability to paste Word and Excel documents into the canvas. Now you can copy/paste those tables, colors, grids, and bullet points without any need to reformat. Use this new found power wisely.

    Interested in learning more about how these new features and the other tools found in Envoy B2B can elevate your brand and help grow your wholesale channels?  Get in touch for a demo!

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