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Lems has chosen Envoy B2B to create strong wholesale channels and accelerate growth at retail. 

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Envoy B2B, a technology company providing innovative wholesale business-to-business (B2B) software solutions, announced today that Lems has adopted the Envoy B2B product to grow wholesale business and build strong retail partnerships.

Envoy B2B provides content and commerce B2B software built around the fundamental principles of wholesale. The best brands provide self serve tools that empower retailers, deliver content and commerce together in a single destination, and create enablement focused reps that build strong partnerships at retail. Guided by years of industry expertise and direct research at retail, Envoy B2B will empower Lems in activating these fundamentals inside their wholesale channel to spur growth.

“It’s really exciting to be working with a brand like Lems. They embody a lot of the same core values that we do in building a product based around what it should be, not how everyone else does it.” said Envoy CEO Jon Faber, “We’ve got years and years of experience in the footwear industry, and a really deep understanding of what the partnership between a brand and a retailer should look like, and we bake all that knowledge into Envoy B2B.”

With Envoy B2B, Lems will be able to tell their brand story, educate buyers, and deliver ordering and inventory tools all in one, digital first destination. Lem’s retailers will have the power to create smarter, best fit orders, correctly merchandise for the season, and replenish on demand.

“We’re very happy with our choice to go with Envoy B2B.” said Steve Perna, Director of Sales, “They know the value of the relationship between a brand and retailer, and their unique experience with our industry, coupled with their insights into retail, means they’re building the tools we need to grow.”





Envoy B2B is a technology company providing innovative wholesale B2B software solutions through its groundbreaking platform. We believe that the fundamentals of wholesale – buyer self service, content and commerce in one platform, and enablement focused reps - empower brands to be strong partners at retail for mutual success. Envoy’s approach to B2B is designed to help footwear, apparel. and accessories brands create dynamic content, increase speed of sale, grow their wholesale channels, and elevate their go-to-market strategies by harnessing the power of these fundamentals inside their brand. Envoy is changing the way some of the largest and smallest U.S. and international footwear, apparel, and accessories companies do business.

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In 2008, Lems’ creator, Andrew Rademacher, began to realize that the big shoe brands had it all wrong. Shoes should be built around the natural shape of the human foot, and not the other way around. This meant that a shoe should be widest at the forefoot and toes, while allowing for full flexibility and unrestricted movement.

After three years of research, countless hours of design and dozens of prototypes, Andrew’s unwavering focus finally paid off. In September 2011, Lems released its first product – the Primal. Though the company has come a long way since that original design, Andrew continues to study his art while staying true to his mission of making naturally fitting footwear that allows your feet the freedom to be just as nature intended.

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