Landau adopts the Envoy B2B platform to increase wholesale channels by harnessing Envoy’s unique content and commerce tools.

    GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.) - Envoy, a technology company providing innovative wholesale business-to-business (B2B) software solutions, announced today that Landau will adopt Envoy B2B for it’s Landau, Urbane and Smitten brands.

    “We need a B2B provider that prioritizes innovation and exceeding the users expectations for what’s possible.” said Tim Shelton, Vice President of Information Technology at Landau, “Envoy brings all of that and more to the table and we’re excited to be delivering this powerful, modern experience to all of our users.”

    Envoy employs a revolutionary content and commerce approach to building a B2B platform. This empowers footwear, apparel, and accessories companies to engage with their buyers by surfacing key stories in Envoy’s content destination, called Showroom, as well as take advantage of Envoy’s powerful commerce tools for all their wholesale needs. Buyers get access to a 24/7 portal that delivers a B2C like ordering experience, and Reps get powerful sales tools in the field that enable them to drive order growth.

    “Envoy is a modern, strategic B2B that can facilitate a complete go to market strategy with its combination of content and commerce.” said Envoy CEO Jon Faber, “It’s the robust solution that Landau was looking for to drive their wholesale channels forward.”


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    Envoy is a technology company providing innovative wholesale B2B software solutions through its groundbreaking Envoy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Envoy’s content and commerce approach to B2B is designed to help footwear, apparel and accessories companies create dynamic content, increase speed of sale, grow their wholesale channels and elevate their go-to-market strategies. Serving more than 54,000 retailers worldwide in 10 different languages, Envoy is changing the way some of the largest U.S. and international footwear, apparel, and accessories companies do business. Learn more about Envoy at

    Landau started crafting quality scrubs nearly 50 years ago. After pioneering the healthcare uniform market, they’ve never stopped seeking out ways to improve it. It’s the main reason why Landau has been around for such a long time: They make quality scrubs the right way from the very best materials available. They stand behind every stitch of every garment they make. If it says Landau, it’s made to fit and made to last. They’re willing to bet their name on it. Learn more at

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