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    Retailers work with a large number of brands every season. They are consistently managing an endless flow of marketing assets, educational materials, order forms, line sheets, workbooks, and more. It’s a lot of %#$@ to keep track of, with no good way for retailers to manage it all. Over the years, in countless conversations with retailers, we’ve heard this same refrain over and over again, “It’s overwhelming.”

    Retailers Need Digital Tools To Organize Assets

    The recent retailer’s challenge report highlighted this issue. It asked shop owners how they managed and organized all the brand assets they received.

    60% of retailers said they used web browser links. A few respondents said they use a combination of emails, spreadsheets (peppered with links), and the folder system on their computer. Over 20% said they don’t have an organizational method at all.

    Clearly, it’s not the volume of assets retailers receive, it’s that there is no purpose-built, effective way of managing them.

    So, we decided to create a solution. We built a system that takes the burden off retailers, and puts everything in one place. It’s simple, powerful, easy to use, and affordable. 

    We call it BrandKeep.

    BrandKeep Is Where Retailers Organize

    BrandKeep is built to easily collect information from multiple locations like email, B2B systems, and the cloud. All those assets are then available in a retail-centric format making it easy to see all the workbooks, key assets, contacts, important links, order forms, invoices, terms, and more – all in one place.

    But, BrandKeep is more than just a place to get organized. We created this platform with real-world feedback and input from retailers, and it includes features that have been tested and proven in the field.

    Retailers can create teams, so all the users on those teams have a shared understanding and central location to find assets for their stores. There are tools for task management, a robust amount of storage space, and extensive search capabilities.

    “Everything we do revolves around ensuring specialty retail owners and buyers have a place to succeed. That’s why we designed BrandKeep as a way to solve the very real challenge of staying organized, and built it based on input from real retailers,” said Jon Faber, founder and CEO.

    “From achieving operational bliss, to fostering collaborative partnerships, to creating a space for exceptional experiences, retailers can trust that our goal with BrandKeep is to offer a solution that propels their team toward these goals. Everybody wants to have fun running a successful store and building that community, so we are providing a retail centric organizational system and solution to take the burden off your plate and make it easy.”

    Sign Up Now

    BrandKeep is live now, and we know we’ve created something special. Every specialty retail owner and buyer is invited to jump in, get organized, and start boosting their productivity today. Click here to learn more and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

    We can’t wait to see you there.


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