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GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.) – To accommodate growing demand for its innovative product documentation service, Appropos has announced the expansion of its office space and a new studio project manager, Chantal Pasag.

The expansion results from growing demand for Volta, Appropos’ product documentation service, which has captured a quarter-million product images in three short years for 15 global brands in the footwear and apparel industries. This platform integrates into Appropos’ wholesale business-to-business (B2B) platform, Envoy.

“The response to Volta has exceeded our wildest expectations, and we’re excited to showcase the Volta advantage to even more companies in the footwear and apparel industries,” said Appropos CEO Jon Faber. “Volta is providing our clients with a fast, reliable product documentation service that transforms the way manufacturers display their products online.”

Volta currently operates in a separate building from Appropos. The expansion of the Appropos offices at 678 Front Ave. NW #100 will bring Appropos’ services under one roof. Completion is expected fall of 2016.

“Footwear and apparel manufacturers document thousands of products each season, and Volta allows us to get those product images to their marketing, sales and customer service staff as quickly as possible,” said Faber. “The new space will allow manufacturers to send us even more products to document and provide quality, reliable service to our clients.”

To facilitate Volta’s growing demand, Chantal Pasag will be working with a team of talented photographers, designers and content specialists to capture and edit images that are specifically designed for brands’ wholesale online product catalogs, brand guides, product features and kiosk materials.

“We’re really excited to have a manager with Chantal’s skills and talent to support the demand from new and existing Envoy clients,” said Faber. “Accurate, high-volume, product documentation is a necessity in the footwear and apparel industries, and Appropos has fine-tuned this service with skilled professionals like Chantal and the rest of our talented team leading the way in the industry.”

The product documentation service is a game-changer in B2B wholesale because suppliers can accurately display items online through high-quality, detailed images. Once an image is captured by Volta and uploaded to Envoy, B2B buyers and vendors can make faster purchasing decisions because they are able to view a richer, more detailed product image.