At Envoy, our goal is to create amazing experiences that empower and delight our users. We don’t want to just check the boxes of expected and acceptable features. We want to create the best possible, most useful tools for the people using our platform. We want our users doing business in a B2B system that is working for them, not against them. As such we are proud to announce the addition of Multiple Order Shipments and Order Discounts to our already best-in-class order process.

Multiple Order Shipments give our buyers the ability to better work through their demand planning for a season by providing a few key benefits.

  • Our system does the legwork. There’s no change to your back end or integration. Create an order with multiple shipments, either to handle replenishments or bring product in on release date, and Envoy is smart enough to submit each order separately.
  • Multiple Order Shipments enable buyers to more carefully plan out their buying over the season to accommodate for demand. That means better sell thru of in store product, decreased need for back orders to catch up with demand, and a reduction in out-of-stock product when customers want to purchase.
  • Simplify the process and reduce the time spent creating shipments by creating orders across the entire catalog of a brand’s products. Your buyers should be interacting with their customers and selling your brand, not endlessly keying in replenishment shipments and charting future orders with spreadsheets and outdated tools.

And like the rest of the commerce tools in our platform, Multiple Order Shipments offers unparalleled ease-of-use.

We will also be adding additional ways to place discounts on orders directly in the platform. This means your reps will be able to push promotions and clearly surface those discounts to your buyers.

We constantly strive to provide our users with amazing experiences. These latest additions are an example of how we continually improve and iterate on our platform to empower our users and accommodate the demands of their business.

Get in touch to learn more about how Envoy can turn your B2B from a linear order utility into a content & commerce driven strategy.

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