envoy b2b2 grows revenue increases profit for footwear and apparel brands

    You’ve just implemented a wholesale e-commerce platform to make running your B2B channel easier. But, a modern B2B platform does more than that. Envoy B2B comes with direct benefits to your top and bottom lines, and improves your revenue in a number of ways.

    Let’s take a look at how Envoy B2B can increase your revenue.

    Grow your Top Line!

    We help grow your top line in two ways: Selling more products, and opening new doors.

    Sell More, Sell Better

    Our content and commerce features keep retailers engaged, so they have the knowledge they need to build smarter orders.

    Showrooms are where your retailers land when they log in. It’s the digital destination for product education, promotions, your brand story, and anything else of value you need to communicate to your retailers. Showrooms are invaluable here, because retailers sell more of what they know. Delivering compelling educational experiences and product knowledge is essential to creating evangelists on the show floor and growing your sales.

    Assortments Campaigns let you talk to many retailers at once and recommend curated buys, tailored around your insights and activities. Retailers can review the assortment and click to convert it to an order. This takes the burden of building a smart order off of the retailer, and shortens the time to order placement.

    Lastly, the ability for buyers to self-serve inside the platform is crucial. With access to real-time inventory data, detailed product images, visualization tools, order status, and a platform that is 100% shoppable across its entirety, retailers are equipped to handle ordering on their own, 24/7. That means reps can focus solely on education, support, and assortment recommendations, empowering buyers to place orders quickly and easily. That’s a recipe for better, more frequent buys.

    Open More Doors

    Envoy B2B also features Public Showrooms, which give your brand the power to easily add new accounts. Potential retailers can use Public Showrooms to view your interactive showroom experience, catalogs, and book a meeting or become a retailer – all without bothering them to register and log in first. That means you can onboard new accounts more easily. And more accounts means more revenue for your top line. 

    Reduce Your Bottom Line!

    This is the other side of the revenue coin. In addition to increasing your top line, Envoy B2B has a positive impact on your bottom line. We do this through efficiency gains and a reduced time to cash.

    Cleaning Up Orders

    Standardization is the name of the game here. No more dedicating endless hours dealing with orders manually, because ordering is an easy online experience inside the platform for every account. And for those retailers without solid access to the internet, Envoy B2B provides offline order forms that can easily be imported back into the platform, either online or directly imported from email.

    No More Waiting On Payment

    This is a simple, but critical part of reducing your bottom line. Terms customers can pay invoices directly in Envoy B2B. That means retailers don’t have to step into a separate system to pay.

    And non-terms customers have access to PayNow, so your brand can take payment immediately through credit card or ACH. This allows for more flexibility to sell to different types of customers, while reducing the risk on future catalogs. You can even move accounts that violate terms to a PayNow solution, preserving the relationship while keeping your bottom line low.

    Now Is The Time

    Despite the challenges of the last couple years, brick and mortar retail is experiencing remarkable growth right now. Your brand needs to tap into this moment, build strong relationships with your retailers with better digital tools, and grow your revenue from top to bottom. Envoy B2B can make that happen. Get in touch to learn more.


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