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    The latest release for Envoy B2B is now available! We’ve redesigned our product detail pop to make it a better experience for our users. It includes more information in a cleaner and more appealing package.

    Here’s a quick look at all the feature enhancements and additions in this release:

    Product Detail Pop Redesign

    We’ve done a full UI overhaul of the product display pop. This is the screen that displays when you click on a product to view its details – and we think it looks awesome.

    Add Marketing Images To Product Detail Pop

    We’ve added the ability to include marketing images on the new Product Detail Pop. It’s simple to set up. First, add the images to the assets dashboard. Then, associate them to the product on the product edit page.

    unnamed-1Grouped Products View Applied To Inventory View

    Previously, when in a catalog product inventory view, the grouped products setting wasn’t applied. Now, we’ve added the ability to see grouped products there.

    Ability To Assign Sales Rep To Customer In UI

    Prior to this update you could only assign a sales rep to a customer through the customer import. Now, you can add that rep to the customer right on the customer dashboard. This is great for when you’ve added a couple of new customers and need to quickly assign a rep to them. Please note: For any clients with a customer integration, this field will be read-only.

    Multi-language Support For Video Assets

    It’s more important than ever to localize content for your retailers. We’ve updated the image and video asset editor to include the ability to upload per language. The end user will see the correct video based on their selected language. Remember that English is the default, and will be seen by all languages unless you upload content to another language. 

    Navigate To Global From Main Menu

    A small update for our admin users: We’ve added a menu option for "Global Settings.” Just a quicker way for you to access those global dashboards.

    That’s it! Want to know more about how Envoy B2B can connect you with your retailers and help grow your wholesale channels? Get in touch.


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