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GRAND RAPIDS – A web designer will donate her time and talent at Give Camp, joining other tech experts to help area nonprofits in Grand Rapids this weekend. Mari-Megan Moore is a user interface designer for Appropos, a global leader in business-to-business software and high-volume product photography, and will volunteer for 44 straight hours to help nonprofits solve their tech problems, ranging from updating websites to building more complex database-driven tools.

“As someone who lives in and loves Grand Rapids, I see how tremendously critical strong nonprofits are to helping make this community an even better place,” said Moore, Appropos’ senior user-interface/user-experience designer. “Give Camp is a special opportunity for me to see what I can do to help these nonprofits increase their impact through improved electronic, digital and online resources.”

“The nonprofit community is one of the great assets of the Grand Rapids area and Appropos is excited that one of our highly skilled employees is helping these organizations strengthen their online, tech and social resources so they become even more effective in the important work that they do,” said Appropos Co-founder and CEO Jon Faber. “Our employees look forward to sharing their expertise and doing their part to give back to so many great causes in our community because this is part of our culture at Appropos, to give back to a community that has been so supportive of us.”

In marathon sessions between 5 p.m. this Friday through 3 p.m. this Sunday, Moore will work with other tech volunteers in teams to help nonprofits tackle their information technology and related needs, ranging from new websites to custom app development. The teams of volunteers and nonprofits work through meals, and sleeping cots are provided. The camp will be held at OST, located at 605 Seward NW, Suite 101, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. The location will be locked at 11 p.m. each night of the camp. Nonprofits apply to participate in the Give Camp, and 13 nonprofits have been selected this year through a competitive process.

Appropos is a Grand Rapids tech company that does some of the world’s most cutting edge work in wholesale business-to-business software solutions through its groundbreaking Envoy platform. Formed in 2012, Appropos is a rapidly growing company that today employs 22 people and serves some of the largest U.S. and international companies.

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