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    What is the goal of a wholesale B2B platform? The quickest answer is, it’s the tool your brand uses to market to retailers and gather orders. The real answer though, is that a B2B is the primary tool your brand uses to connect with, understand, and delight your retailers in order to achieve mutual growth.

    At Envoy B2B, that’s the driving reason behind why we do what we do, and what tools and features we develop for the platform. Because our number one goal is to make retailers fall in love with your brand so that you can grow your bottom line.

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways our platform sets itself apart in pursuit of that goal.

    Building Connections With Retailers

    The relationship that develops between your brand and your retailers is a critical component of building success for your brand. To achieve success, it’s essential to understand your retailers needs, seasonal challenges, and the buying patterns in their store. Your reps are the most important aspect of building that understanding, so we’ve given them the tools to create strong connections and knowledge of their accounts.

    We know that storytelling is at the heart of every season, because retailers sell more of what they know. To that end, we made sure reps can create and customize content to target specific retailer needs with our catalog and Digital Press tools, and then easily share it across multiple formats

    However, to create the right content, your reps need to understand each account. So, we built powerful insights and analytics tools, as well as surfaced hyper-local, real-time trend data through Locally. Now reps can easily gather information on how each store functions, what works for them, and what product is flying (or not flying) off the shelves.

    And that deeper understanding of each store leads to smarter orders with strong sell-through.

    One System To Do It All

    You can always tell when a brand is more focused on gathering orders, instead of understanding retailers and reaching for mutual success, because that brand has scattered systems to handle their wholesale B2B channels. They’ve cobbled together spreadsheets, emails, and the occasional technology to get the job done. It’s a mess, every time.

    At Envoy B2B, we’ve put every system together in a single connected ecosystem.

    The Envoy B2B platform is handling all your commerce and content needs, acting as a 24/7 always-online portal that keeps your retailer connected to your brand on any device. Our Digital Press desktop publishing software saves your team incredible amounts of time by creating B2B-aware content that updates every piece of content, across your entire B2B system, anytime a change is made. We’ve made sure everything is shoppable, in any tool, across the entire platform, significantly lowering friction for your retailers. We’ve given everyone a window into real-time inventory, so there’s no lag between order placement and when it hits your system.

    Best of all, we give control of this ecosystem to you, the brands using it, because we aren’t interested in monetizing your wholesale B2B channel for our gain. Your success is our success, and for that to happen, your brand needs to have ownership over your B2B tooling.

    Powerful Technology, Dedicated People

    We love technology. It can do wonderful things – transforming your wholesale channel from a goal to a hugely successful reality. But, we know that behind all that technology are people driving its successful implementation.

    We’ve put together an entire team, dedicated solely to making sure that your brand can fully harness the power of Envoy B2B. You won’t have to move your team out of crucial roles or away from important projects, because we’ll be handling all the heavy lifting for you, from implementation, to training, to onboarding.

    We don’t hand you the software and walk away either. Our team of experts stays embedded with your brand, ensuring you are realizing the full transformative potential of Envoy B2B inside your wholesale channel. 

    The B2B Built For You

    From day one, we built Envoy B2B for brands first. We’ve spent the last decade listening to feedback, gathering data, and implementing needs driven features, all in an effort to make the most powerful, brand-focused B2B platform possible.  We know it can radically benefit your brand, so reach out, we’d love to chat.

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