The easiest way to accomplish a successful go to market launch is to utilize a third party photography service. Planning ahead and ensuring all products are documented and photographed in advance will lead to a smooth pre-season, a successful launch for your reps, and an easy transition for your marketing team. A third party photography service allows your team to concentrate on custom placement and lifestyle photography instead of product documentation. However, when working with outside services it’s important to maintain consistent communication to prevent problems in the process.

    Here are six ways to ensure your next pre-season goes as smoothly as possible:

    1. Organize and ship your assets by priority so your marketing team gets the the most important, high-demand images first.
    2. Ship assets at set intervals to minimize items in transit and reduce the risk of them getting lost in the shuffle.
    3. Label the outside of each box with an easily identifiable number and the name of the product manager who is responsible for reviewing/sending that box.
    4. Send the studio a master list of all items to inventory against.
    5. Provide a prep/standards guide along with samples for the studio to practice on before season begins. This saves a lot of time and rejections when in production shooting.
    6. Set weekly or bi-weekly calls to keep both parties aligned on projections for delivery of samples and images. This is a great way to clear up prep questions for odd/difficult items.

    By creating a production workflow that minimizes disruption and stress, you’ll guarantee going to market with 100% of your line documented and have a successful launch for your reps and an easy transition into the next season for your marketing team.

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