As our industry changes, we are confronted with a plethora of doom and gloom headlines about the death of retail. At times it can seem relentless, as article after article jumps on the bandwagon. But is it actually true?

    Wholesaleisnotdead.com is here to say no. Boring retail might be on its way out, but specialty retail is a vibrant wholesale channel that continues to find growth and success.

    The Lion’s Share

    If we look at the total number of goods sold to consumers we see something that might shock a lot folks who subscribe to the retail apocalypse idea. 90% of all goods sold is done in-store. That means brands and retailers, working together, are making up the lion’s share (and then some) of commerce.

    This narrative doesn’t get told enough. Brands and retailers that work together are the bedrock upon which the industry exists. It’s time for all of use to show our support for each other and get this message out. There is a lot of opportunity within that 90% for growth, but specialty retail specifically is a big one.

    The Original Influencers

    The retail apocalypse narrative needs to be contextualized and understood more holistically. As Steve Dennis, President of SageBerry Consulting, has said repeatedly: “Physical retail is not dead. Boring retail is.”

    This simple misunderstanding due to lack of context - the idea that ALL retail is doomed - has caused many to overlook the value and growth found in specialty retail shops all over the world. Additionally, there is a lack of understanding on how brands and specialty retailers can best work together.

    Specialty retail offers more than just shelf space. They offer hands on product opportunities, authentic recommendations, and educational, influential events that connect brands to consumers in ways a web experience has no hope of matching.

    That makes specialty retailers the original influencers. And they are more relevant today than ever.

    Vibrant Growth

    Our recent survey of specialty retail was clear. 82% of those we surveyed say they’ve grown in the past year. This research mirrors data recently published by the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. They have seen growth over the last 30 days, year to day, and over the last 12 months.

    That’s impressive.

    Growth like this is achieved through collaboration of brand, retailers, and wholesale partners, all working together for mutual benefit.

    All Together NOW

    #Wholesaleisnotdead unites brands, retailers, and wholesale partners around the vibrancy and growth found in the current wholesale landscape. Because - despite the headlines - wholesale is not dead. Join Envoy B2B and show your support at wholesaleisnotdead.com


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