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Seasons move fast. Products rise in popularity, trends form, consumer’s snap up what they can get their hands on, and the store orders more….for next season. That’s great! But the reality is that for the retailers and the brands, it’s too slow. Sure there will be some johnny-come-lately consumers who will still be buying based on the trend 6-12 months later, but the wave has mostly passed.

This is a problem. How can brands and retailers get relevant products into consumer’s hands quickly enough to satisfy the demand a regional trend generates?

Fortunately Envoy B2B has teamed up with Locally, and we have a solution. Let’s take a look at how your brand can use Locally data

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 and Envoy B2B features to harmonize local product availability with local consumer demand, and capitalize on emerging trends to crush your season.

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Get Smart : Locally Consumer Demand Intelligence 

In order to build a strong season, brands need to understand their retailer’s purchasing decisions. While broad data can be useful, in many cases hot products change from region to region. So while big picture buying trends are effective on a macro level, they typically apply to longer timelines and don’t help brands recognize what is happening on a store to store level.

Locally changes all that. Instead of providing a once-a-season snapshot of general trends, Locally delivers on-demand reports of what is selling, right now, in each individual store.

Now brands can identify and capitalize on emerging trends, region to region, around all their stores, during the season. But how do they accomplish that?

Keeping Retailers On-Trend And Increasing Sell Thru

Knowing what’s selling, where, and in which stores is great info to have, but it means nothing if your brand can’t support your retailers. You need to be able to keep your stores on-trend, and even help them increase their on-trend percentage.

What does it mean for a store to be on-trend? It means that the store is a hot spot for consumers chasing a particular product or products in that area. Customer’s want it, the retailer has it, and they’re selling.

But how can brands get their retailer’s to increase their on-trend percentage? Simple. Make sure your retailer’s have those trending products on the shelf for consumers to buy, and make it easy for your retailer’s to quickly get more when they need it. 


Envoy B2B + Locally

That’s where Envoy B2B comes in. By combining our content and commerce tools with Locally’s data, brands can identify trending products around their retailer’s stores. Then brands can utilize Envoy B2B’s inventory features, ordering tools, and content destination to educate retailers and quickly fulfill replenishment orders.

Additionally, on-trend retailers will have greater visibility with consumers on your brand’s direct to consumer website. This means consumers can shop online and pick up in store that same day.

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Supporting Retailers, Delighting Consumers

The upshot of using Envoy B2B and Locally together is an all around more successful season. Consumer’s are delighted, retailers are ordering products that move, and brands have the insight they need to capitalize on emerging trends for increased sell-through.

Seasons move fast, make sure your brand is aligning local product availability with local demand by harnessing the power of Envoy B2B and Locally for a more successful season. Get in touch to learn more!