Elevating Your Digital Photography

    Best-in-class tools, digitally enabled reps, and a solid B2B strategy are all key elements in building a strong wholesale channel. We're a software company providing a top notch B2B platform that covers all those bases. And we also know filling your B2B platform with engaging content as a critical part of earning your spot on the retail shelf. Which is why we have an incredible photography team working with the brands that use our platform, providing them with some amazing content.

    We picked their brains to get a few tips on current trends and ways brands can make their photography pop. Here are the top three ways your brand can elevate your digital photography and stand out from the crowd.

    The Natural Look

    Want a better look? Natural looking drop shadows are the way to go. The artificial, generic look doesn’t cut it anymore. While that’s been the standard for a long time and traditionally has worked well, let's salute it’s time in service and let the created drop shadow go.

    With the rise of Instagram, influencers, and ease-of-access to technology, it’s become easier and easier to do “product on white.” That means it’s doubly important to sell the presence of the object and put out a strong vibe. Natural looking drop shadows are a step in that direction.

    And yes, we know, natural looking shadows take a bit more work, but the effort is worth it. You’ll end up with a more grounded product with real presence. And you’ll be on trend with your visuals, moving your brand past the competition.

    The Real Thing

    It’s time to move from mannequin to model. Following on the idea of natural looking drop shadows, an on-model shot makes the product feel more real. Consumers are looking to understand how the product really fits and functions, and they want to see that in the marketing. On-model shots help retailers understand how a product looks and works in use so they can better communicate it to their customers.

    And don’t worry about glamour shots. We are trending towards ‘“real” people, really using the product. Real runners, hikers, campers - the people that use the product in the wild - engaging with your product. This opens up to a whole range of interesting lifestyle shots with the product in motion, going through the paces.

    More, With Less

    Resist the temptation to show your product from a billion angles. It’s too much, and it’s going to overwhelm your retailers. Fewer images, with a focus on what matters is the way to go. That means dropping the 30 frames and every-angle spins, and just showing your good side.

    Close ups on essential features, spotlights on the technologies that make your product unique, and a small handful of hero shots is the way to go. 

    Elevate Your Product

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