Enterprise level B2B software is a must for enterprise brands

    Your company is operating at the enterprise level, but what about your technology? Does your B2B platform have the features you need to support your high-level demands? And what’s the cost of running systems that lack the ability to deliver when you need them most?

    You need to be working with systems that have near-perfect uptime, regularly deliver new features, and integrate with your current systems. What was once “good enough” is no longer the case now that your brand has moved into the enterprise space.

    Uptime And Reliability Enable Action

    Being an enterprise company means making decisions in a world of predictions, forecasts, quarterly reports, and best guesses. That means when you lock in your goals and plans, you need a system that reliably gives you the power to execute.

    We are that system.

    We deliver uptime reports to every single one of our clients, with a contractual obligation to maintain a high percentage of uptime (Envoy B2B maintains 99.99% uptime). That means when you need to execute, you can count on us being there with the full power of our platform, every minute of every season.

    New Features Solve For Future Opportunities

    We are a reliable system, anchoring your brand to success in an unreliable landscape. But, the very nature of that unreliable landscape dictates that your business needs will shift and grow over time. New opportunities, sudden changes in the market, and emergent technologies present new avenues for growth. And you need a platform that grows with your demand.

    We ship new features every quarter. We don’t just pull them out of a hat either. We are constantly gathering feedback, interacting with clients, and surveying our user base to learn what they need.

    What do you need to be able to do that you can’t do right now? That’s what we build to solve.

    New features to match your new needs, every quarter – at no extra cost to you. We do this because we know that your growth is our best measure of success.

    Real Integrations Maintain Momentum

    Lastly, if you still import to your B2B through a flat file exchange system you’re not really working in that enterprise space. Simply put, it’s not a process you can rely on. There are too many opportunities for error. Not to mention the fact that there is time lag as you have to wait for manual action, slowing everything down for everyone that needs to work with that data.

    On the other hand, an API integration gives you the reliability of an automated process that happens in real-time. Running integrations over flat file exchange is essential for operating at the enterprise level.

    The reliability of a real-time integration is a must for smooth operations and continued growth, and Envoy B2B delivers.

    The Cost Of Losing Business

    If you’re operating at the enterprise level, but your B2B platform isn’t, it’s costing you time, retailers, and revenue.

    Time: Because your team is having to manually shore up the workflow gaps in your current system and deal with unreliable technologies. This limits your organization from pivoting into new opportunities or initiatives at the speed you need.

    Retailers: Because you aren’t able to deliver on the features and support they expect, so they move to different brands where it’s easier for them to order and interact.

    Revenue: Both of those factors drive the loss of dollars as you scramble to keep up against the drag of insufficient technology, bleeding revenue into manpower and retailer churn.

    So, are you an enterprise company? Then make sure your systems are too. We can deliver the reliability, feature releases, and growth you need.

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