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Walk into the Appropos offices and you’ll be greeted by a giant image of our company mascot. You’ll also find people that embody the ambitions of an astronaut - confident explorers and technical wizards that also fly the machines. We’ve got whiteboards for solving tough problems as a team, a live feed of B2B user data that keeps us sharp, a messy room to make stuff that supports our software development, and lots of snacks. And with all of this, a culture that encourages getting into each other’s work, supporting quality through collaboration, iteration in everything, and above all the drive to make every interaction with our clients an opportunity to help them become a better business.

We’ve adopted company values that support our employees and customers as well as a culture of innovation and exploration.

  • Be Good
  • Build Trust
  • The Golden Rule
  • Be Curious
  • Courage, Grit, Resolve
  • Move as One
  • Own Your Impact

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Values adapted from stitch labs.