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    We’ve created a buyer-focused B2B e-commerce platform that helps brands put the right product in the right stores. We dig deep into the footwear, apparel, and accessories world to figure out what makes it tick, what works and what doesn’t, how brands and retailers can best work together, and then we built a platform to make it better. And we work hard to make sure that our platform is constantly evolving into the best it can be.

    We love what we do. But we don’t want it to be the only thing we do.

    Working (And Playing) Outside Our Office

    We’re a business, but we’re also real people that love to go outside. This planet is full of amazing, beautiful natural spaces - from the gentle, cultivated parks in our towns and cities, to the wild, untamed wilderness that we love to explore.

    We’re surrounded by a world that’s worth exploring, and it’s our responsibility to protect it.

    So how are we doing our part? We’ve decided to partner up with 1% for the Planet, an organization that helps businesses like ours give 1% of our sales back to the environment. So, from now on, 1% of everything we sell here at Envoy B2B will go back to our environment.

    Inspired By You

    It’s been an honor to work with a number of great outdoor brands over the years. As we’ve gotten to know them, we’ve seen the passion they have for the outdoors bleed through the business. Many of these brands got started by folks who just wanted a better hiking shoe, or comfier backpack, or more durable pants. They wanted to go outside and enjoy the adventures to be found, so they built brands that facilitated that.

    We’re inspired by that passion - and our own experiences learning to climb ice flows or walking a trail or winter camping - to do more. That’s the driving force behind our decision to make caring for our environment and cultivating our outdoor spaces a core piece of Envoy.

    Doing Our Part

    We’ve chosen Kent County Parks Foundation as the recipient of our 1% for the Planet partnership. Why KCPF? By choosing an organization that’s close to home, we can support them not just financially but also by showing up in person and doing the work.

    Looking Ahead

    Look for more from us on this topic as the year moves on. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect our environment and nurture this world, so we’re busy planning some events and activities that brands and other folks can get involved with. Because we can do more together.

    And if you’re inspired to get involved right now, check out 1% for the Planet. Then go outside, enjoy the outdoors, and look around for ways you can actively participate in protecting it.

    We’ll see you out there.

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