Blog In Their Own Words 2-01-1

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    We surveyed thousands of specialty retailers, on a variety of subjects, to get their unique perspectives on this industry.  The insights offered up are invaluable for a brand looking to become a strong partner to specialty retail.

    We’ll be covering a variety of different topics over the course of a few blogs.

    In this blog retailers reveal the common missteps brands make that hinder retailers abilities to successfully carry that brand's product in their stores.


    On Common Mistakes Brands Make:

    “Be a real partner. Don’t make preseason goals that are unrealistic, like 10% growth every year. Don’t use independent retailers to grow your brand and then forget how you go where you are. Yes, communicate. Yes, provide marketing, Yes, have sales reps invested in the relationships.”
    “When brands discount their products online. Direct competition with their stores that have invested in their company. They should drive consumers to brick and mortar stores that carry their product."
    “My biggest frustration is with brands that are aggressively competing with us online. I don’t have a problem with them selling online, but when they’re consistently offering 20% off or more, with free shipping, it’s hard for me to support or buy product from that brand.”
    “When brands decide to debut product on social media or their website, but doesn’t inform us about those product debuts, it impacts us negatively when we don’t have access to the product, and more so when we don’t even know that it exists. If we are to truly represent the brand, we need to be informed…”

    82% of specialty retailers have experienced growth in the past year. It’s a thriving channel. But this success comes at the cost of ever increasing demands on retailers as they juggle a variety of brands and systems, season over season.

    This presents a huge opportunity for brands. Retailers are seeking out brands that are invested in the success of their retailer partners. This is how brands will earn a spot on the wall at specialty retail - by listening to your retailers and building a strategy around mutual success for both.

    Want to build a successful wholesale channel and be a strong partner? Then it’s time to start listening to what your retailers have to say.

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