2022 is almost over. Can you believe it? As you begin to look ahead at plans and initiatives for the next year, it’s immensely helpful to make sure you’re on solid footing with your wholesale channels first.

    Lucky for you, we released a number of free guides over the course of the year that can go a long way towards setting your brand up for success. We may be in the home stretch here, but the year hasn’t closed out yet, so let’s take a look at the ways your brand can leap ahead before 2023 hits.

    Engage Retailers With Great Content

    Every season, retailers have to wade through a sea of new products and potential brands to evaluate, on top of running the day-to-day operations at their store. What makes your brand stand out? Amazing content that keeps retailers engaged and informed, with a clear plan to support them all season long.

    In this guide we show you how to:

    • Build a modern wholesale go-to-market plan that works
    • Walk you through the must-have B2B tools for success
    • How to elevate your brand at each stage of the seasonal journey
    • And more…

    Download our free guide and learn more!

    Empower Your Reps

    We all know that sales reps are essential to your success. They’re the face of your brand, delivering that important human connection. For many retailers, reps are the key that unlocks a successful season. But, what exactly should reps be doing to service their accounts effectively?

    This guide covers:

    • The three ways a rep can positively impact a retailer’s season (and your revenue)
    • How to power up your rep team with better tools and data
    • How reps can deliver effective support from start to finish during the season

    Download the free guide today!

    Deliver Premium Support All Season Long

    Retailers are experts in their shops, but they have a lot on their plate. They’re busy building a community and creating lasting experiences for their customers. And, they can’t do that without the knowledge and tools to be passionate about your brand. Your goal is to make that easy for them. The brand that actively supports their retailers is the brand that earns its spot on the shelf. Be that brand.

    This guide goes over:

    • How to harness the power of your season
    • The expectations and needs of your retailers
    • Why reps matter more than ever, and how to support them
    • Giving retailers the right tools for the job

    Our free guide shows you how to deliver premium support and win with retailers.

    The 8 Critical Features Of A Modern B2B

    How can you tell if your current wholesale B2B platform is up to the task? There are 8 mission-critical features to look for in a modern, growth-oriented B2B platform. If your B2B isn’t rocking these features, it probably isn’t able to meet your wholesale needs and the demands of your business. 

    This guides shows you:

    • The essential tools you need to supercharge your reps
    • What data your B2B needs to surface for growth
    • How to harness these features to drive retailer growth

    Download for free today and make sure you have a B2B that works for you, not against you.


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