I’ve seen the Grand River more times than I can remember.

    From my office window, from bridges, sidewalks, staircases, boardwalks, ramps, and grassy hills. It’s the beacon for where things are in the city. But, after many years of wandering the city, I realized my view was only from one perspective.

    I had the opportunity to go fishing on the river last week, and it was a perspective like no other.

    “I think that’s it… I feel something grabbing.”

    The river is bigger than it seems. When you’re floating along, and casting your line, you feel even smaller. The river puts you below the first floors of the city buildings by at least one story. So, everything looks taller, feels bigger, and even more impressive.

    “Ok, slowly, pull the rod forward, then loosen your hold, then reel it in.”

    Adventuring is all about perspective. You see the mountain ahead of you… it’s far away. You walk/run/hike to get there. When you finally do, your perspective changes. You climb the mountain. Again, perspective change. When you reach the summit, you look back and see where you came from, and it’s far away. But, the mountain is your new point of view.

    “Keep pulling… he’s gonna fight you, and it’s gonna get harder.”

    If you coast along in life, and don’t try new things or adventure out of your comfort zone, your perspective never changes. It’s the same drive to work. The same pick up schedule for your kids. The same routine at your job.

    “I can see the bobber… it’s getting close to the boat. It’s huge!”

    The best part is, adventuring doesn’t have to be that difficult, and changing your perspective isn’t as hard as it seems. If you run at lunch everyday, try a new route. If you always ride your bike in the evening, try going for a walk. If you always ski the same slope, try another.

    “Oh, no! It broke free. So close.”

    Sometimes it will work out, and sometimes it will be a bust. But, you’ll always find a learning experience and the courage to keep trying. Fishing is like that. You cast. Then, you reel in. Then… you cast again, then you reel in. You do this a hundred times. Or two hundred times. But, when you hook a fish, it’s an incredible experience.

    But, that’s also when the fight begins. The fight to stay focused. The fight to dig deep into your soul and embrace this surge of adrenaline and power… and reverence. Reverence for the awesome power of nature and how we are all connected. 

    As a very non-fisherman, this adventure was outside of my comfort zone. But only because I’ve never done this particular activity before. The more I put myself out of my comfort zone, the more other activities don’t seem as crazy.

    It’s about perspective.

    If someone asks you do try something new, or you decide to do so on your own, take the time to see things from a different perspective and see how it affects your life.

    It’s more than likely a good thing.

    Every once in a while, the fish will get away… but you’ll still have a story to tell, and a memory of a time looking at things a little bit differently.

    I challenge you to shift your perspective.



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