For years we’ve worked hard to deliver the best possible B2B tools to our clients. From our humble beginnings as a catalog and presentation tool for iPads all the way through to the best-in-class B2B platform that is Envoy, our number one goal has always been to make sure that our clients have access to the unrivaled benefits found in our software. As Mom always said, a job well done is reward enough.

    But it’s nice to get accolades too.

    We’re proud to announce that Envoy has been chosen by Retail CIO Outlook magazine as one of the top 10 e-commerce solution providers for 2017. Paneled by a board of industry experts and peers, Retail CIO Outlook reviewed hundreds of companies to settle on the top 10. We are honored and grateful to be on that list. Thanks to all the judges that recognized the value that Envoy brings to brands. Thanks to all our users that make Envoy the success it is every day. Thanks to all the brands that share their feedback and insights into how Envoy could be a better tool for them. Thanks to our employees who pour their passion into making Envoy the revolutionary B2B platform it is.

    We are honored to be chosen, and we promise to continue to work hard every day to provide our users with the world’s best B2B platform.

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