With the recent release of our Envoy B2B SuiteApp, brands can now connect Envoy B2B and NetSuite SuiteSuccess AFA & Retail. This means that brands that are using NetSuite - by using our turnkey connector - can now quickly modernize their wholesale approach.

    We know we’ve built a great product that can enhance the power of NetSuite. But we wanted to get some real world input. How does it perform in the wild? The folks over at Howler Brothers were kind enough to chat with us about their experience.  


    How will our connector with NetSuite impact your day to day business?
    Avery Nystrom:  Significantly. We will eliminate human error and be able to process more. Having orders in NetSuite in real time will give us significantly better capability to manage demand and fill orders in a timely way. Additionally, knowing there’s one source of record will reduce errors which will lead to better customer satisfaction.

    Take a guess on how many hours will be saved each day now with these systems connected?
    Avery Nystrom:  A LOT - maybe 3 plus hours a day.

    How did the implementation go??
    Avery Nystrom:  Amazing. Couldn't think of a better experience. Seriously great, by far the best experience of our various integrations. Prompt, open to suggestions, and proactive in solving problems

    How long did implementation take from installing the connector to rollout?
    Avery Nystrom:  Two weeks, but with pretty minimal effort. We could have rolled it out faster if needed.

    How will real-time inventory from NetSuite displaying in Envoy B2B to your buyers help your business?
    Avery Nystrom:  This is going to help a lot. Shops will be able to feel confident in their orders knowing they will ship complete.

    How do you expect having retailers review and pay invoices in Envoy B2B will impact your business?
    Avery Nystrom:  This is a big help. Having a single place where they can review all their transactions, including credit memos, will reduce questions and confusion between Howler Brothers and retailers.

    What is next for Howler Bros wholesale channel?
    Avery Nystrom:  Now we will be enabled to be more proactive than reactive. Creating assortments and really pushing the line throughout the year. Previously we would spend our time managing the back end and didn't have as much time as we’d like to email and talk to shops outside of just tradeshows.


    Thanks to Avery for taking a minute to chat with us about Howler Brothers’ experience.  We’re big fans , and it’s exciting to us to know that we are able to deliver a low friction experience that helps them improve their process and grow.

    Are you a brand using NetSuite SuiteSuccess AFA or Retail? Learn more about how Envoy B2B can take it to the next level and help you streamline your wholesale channel.

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