Here at Envoy, we’re proud of the tools we build. They improve business efficiency and accuracy in a beautiful, easy to use environment. In a recent customer interview with Howler Brothers, here's what they had to say:

    Give us the quick history and rundown of Howler Brothers.

    Howler was created by a couple of friends who loved to surf and fish, among other on-the-water pursuits. The guys had played music together for years, which was an important basis for working creatively together on Howler. The brand launched in late 2010, and we’ve been selling water/coastal-inspired clothing ever since! We focus on the technical aspects of fabrics and design for sure, but nothing is more important than style and fun!

    What challenges did you face before you adopted Envoy?

    One of the biggest challenges we faced before adopting Envoy was integrating the activities and processes of our wholesale and direct channels. To create systems that worked for us to assimilate all needed information, we often had to adopt various technologies and cobble them together. Needless to say this added complexity to our day-to-day work. Another challenge was simply keeping up with the workload that our growing wholesale business brought along with it.

    How did Envoy help you solve those problems?

    Envoy has provided us with a tool that allows our customers and reps to take more control over the ordering process. This not only helps with the process of taking orders, but also allows quick and easy access to many marketing and sales tools that our customers need. This obviously frees up a great deal of our time to focus on other things. Importantly, integrating our wholesale orders with our direct orders for fulfillment and inventory management purposes has never been easier!

    What kind of effect have you seen on your business since you implemented Envoy?

    The time we save has been so great. Envoy also allows greater flexibility and control for our customers and reps which makes them happy. Being able to integrate all of the functionality we need is important too. Less complexity leads to a more efficient workflow and reduces the chances for mistakes.

    What features of Envoy surprised and delighted you?

    The overall look and feel of the site, the ease of use, and the great customer service!

    What’s the most significant benefit that Envoy has brought to your brand?

    The amount of time that Envoy saves us in data entry is huge, plus it gives our customers more control over the entire ordering process.

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    Great product, great folks!

    Thanks to Howler Brothers for taking the time to chat! Visit Howler Brothers to learn more about a great brand. If you would like a demo of Envoy get in touch with us here. And look for more conversations with other great brands and members of our community in the future!

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