B2B Ecommerce (10) Resources

    Turn Your B2B Into A Strategy For Success, Part 2 - The Cost of Implementation

    Turn Your B2B Into A Strategy For Success, Part 1 - Identifying the common challenges of adopting a B2B platform

    What’s With The Astronaut?

    An Origin Story

    Six ways Envoy delivers for footwear and apparel companies

    Envoy B2B Gives Companies A Modern Advantage

    Appropos named one of West Michigan's top 16 tech companies

    Grand Rapids' Appropos leads wholesale business into the Amazon age

    Appropos internship opens door to software skills for local students

    Michigan tech startup expands in Europe to support growing customer base

    MiBiz Growth Report

    Grand Rapids (Mich.) tech company expands to Europe as groundbreaking B2B software translates to strong sales

    Grand Rapids tech firm Appropos opens office in Germany

    Grand Rapids GiveCamp addresses tech shortfalls for nonprofits

    How Grand Rapids risks pricing out tech startups

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    BioLite | Envoy B2B Case Study

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